Hello and welcome to The Wandering Indevour

I’ve always been intrigued with blogging. Not just having a blog filled with cute pictures ( ie like tumblr) but rather creating a blog that was meaningful, that expressed the journey of myself and questioned ideas and concepts that are brought up in society.

Through pursuing a degree in International Development at the University of Waterloo, I have been taught about unjust economic systems, human rights violation, environmental degradations, and lack of empowerment and education. And through this my mind has wandered from every corner of the world and has found passion to work for change. Through my university career,  I have learnt to be critical to everything and to ask questions. Everything has a solution, whether it be simple or complex. 

In September, I will embark on my first journey to create change within an organization. Whether it be small or big, I hope to find myself in Hanoi, Vietnam working within an organization that deals with water issues, environmental assessment and sustainability. I know that this will change my perspectives on development and the world and I am excited for my future endeavours.

This blog is not only a series of rants or opinions but rather an avenue for me to explore and express my journey in development and to find myself.

And so it begins the journey of the Wandering Indevour.

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